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Two- Queen Board

Combination Two-Queen / Snelgrove Board

Under side

Top side


This board gives Ron Brown’s Two Queen Board extra functionality.

Every week or so, a top entrance is closed, the underside entrance opened and a different top entrance opened.


It can be used solely as a Snelgrove Board, if required, keeping the workers separated.



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Queen excluder closed off

Queen excluder open

A queen excluder panel is fixed under the board with epoxy adhesive / pins.


The two wire mesh pieces are fixed over holes.


The  opening panel is stainless steel sheet, pivoting on a stainless steel machine screw.


The panel is opened via a stainless steel wire connected to a brass ring, which is outside the hive.


Framing strips are fixed to the board with marine grade adhesive and brass pins. Bottom bee space hives need strips both sides.


This board allows a queen excluder to be exposed below the top box, when the new queen is laying, without any dismantling of the hive.